The 4am thoughts on a Saturday night…

“The river is a metaphor for life in general… All the bullshit you deal with from being a kid growing up. The whole things just about life and death.” – Zakk Wylde 

Sorry I saw that on Instagram and had to copy it to a blog post… soooo I did hehe.

Just felt like I should post a selfie on here from the other day (: 


There’s been a lot going on with me lately… and the only way I could describe it at the moment would be that “things” were going on. These “things” have made me really question everything around me. It’s made me think more deeply but I haven’t reached an answer for everything yet… I probably never will find an answer but I’m honestly okay with that at this moment in time.
I’m no writer I know (trust me I get critiqued all the time). Neither am I the best blogger or instagrammer in the world. But I created this blog so I could just get all this random crap out my head at like 4am (which is the time now) and be free in my soul so I can rest. I made my Instagram because why not? Majority of people nowadays has it (not much of an excuse I know ahaha). That aside, I came to the conclusion that the only way I could move forward is to feel it. Just feel that feeling that you don’t want to feel. And that’s how to be free. For so long I just didn’t deal with anything and I put the “things” to the back of my head and tried to move forward.

(Me as I am writing this blog) Cannot believe is 4am what am I doing?!? SLEEP IMOGEN.


I guess a lot of things in life is a matter of opinion and self evaluation just like a metaphor. Why do I think this? Because technically we all see “life” in different ways and therefore we each have our own “common sense”.

Someone came up to me the other day and was like “I wish common sense was more common” – it made me laugh because let’s be honest here I’m sure a lot of you have thought that at some point… But really, I read a quote later on which would have been such a sick reply to that persons comment about someone!

“A sense of humour is just common sense dancing”

Absolutely love that quote, I mean come on… what’s the point on judging someone when you take everything so seriously. Some people just need to lighten up when they have no reason to dim other people’s vibes. 

^^^^^ so true. 

But yeah… I’m actually kinda tired now… so goodnight all 🙂 

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