Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy makeup

I love makeup. Why? I just do, I enjoy the process of doing it and the different type of products you can choose from. To be honest my love has developed gradually throughout the years. Right now I’d say would be my peak year… I love experimenting with new colours, shades and types of makeup that I would never ‘normally’ use.


I feel that both males and females have this extreme pressure to reach beyond this standard of ‘beauty’. I completely understand that  there is a large amount of people who really couldn’t give a crap but I know, from personal experience, there is a lot of people that take pride in  their appearance when it comes to putting on this substance and I know a lot of people spend a huge amount of money on makeup on a regular basis. Even myself, I always buy new foundations as much as possible (because my face changes OK!! it’s not an excuse to fulfill my obsession I swear!)


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.16.21 PM

“In 1952, Queen Elizabeth commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robed called ā€œThe Balmoral Lipstickā€. The shade was named after her Scottish country home, and it was probably badass.”


Why is makeup such a big deal nowadays? I mean lets be honest, for a long time I didn’t want to leave the house without putting a bit of makeup on. Sometimes I feel completely naked if I haven’t done my brows. If I had to describe confidence as an object i’d totally say it’s bright lipstick.


quote-make-up-can-only-make-you-look-pretty-on-the-outside-but-it-doesn-t-help-if-your-ugly-audrey-hepburn-44-3-0397.jpgI don’t get when people wear makeup to impress people. It’s for highlighting, not hiding!! Yes, first impressions are a big thing but like good ol’ Audrey Hepburn says, it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside unless you eat it… I wouldn’t advice that though! When wearing makeup, still be true to yourself, I see so many people with this hidden cockiness that emerges when they put a tad of bloody highlighter on… calm down, it’s only highlighter it ain’t gonna highlight your entire boring life sweetheart šŸ™‚ xoxo
ANYWAYS, I also see those shy people who put a little bit of makeup on and they shine so bright their presence fills the room and I love it. All I wished was they had that same self belief without it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.07.58 PM

An aspect of my job is to model makeup products that professional makeup artists use and how they are put on my face to get them clients… As much as I enjoy the pampering I always have to meet others expectations and for a long time I found it quite a struggle as a young teen trying to impress everyone. Having been told occasionally “you look completely different to your photos” “you look too young” “are you feeling tired? because you look it” etc. etc. when you turn up to shoots bare faced can be mentally challenging to say the least. One thing I know is that it has 100% made me have a thicker skin and capable of handling any criticism with ease, in some respects it has actually given me more confidence… I understand it more now, like it’s part of a package, when you model for amazing makeup artists who completely transform your face, makes you feel like you’re living the high life to be honest haha it’s great! but when you try to do your own makeup you’re literally by the mirror trying to remember exactly what they did to you but ends up going to pot haha.  I wonder if celebrities feel like that sometimes, having to always show the glam side to them otherwise they get scrutinised like a student in the playground doing something out the norm.

Doing makeup is an art…What people need to remember is that it is only fashion! Not only that but it’s bloody hard to ‘get it right’. So to all those that can and look fab I give you a lot of credit because it takes someone with skill, and patience to use makeup.











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