Can someone explain to me what beautiful actually is… in your opinion. Please let me know in the comments below.

I’m in a bit of a predicament here. Being a model for ‘beauty’ with a face full of makeup. Living the life as if my ‘social media life’ is real. Pretending everything is all jolly and absolutely perfect.

Nah, my life is like any other regular teenage expat girl living in the Middle East. Yes, you get parts of the ‘high life’ going to events, salons all the time, photo shoots and 5 star hotels . BUT also then parts of a ‘regular teenage girl’ trying to earn her money so she can drink at the local rugby club with her friends haha or even buy a new lipstick or just save so I can actually afford to live in London so I can do what I ACTUALLY want to do in life … Acting, being an actress. (A movie would be great… one day I hope🤞)

But I seem to keep rolling back to the same point. What even is being BEAUTIFUL?!?!

I remember when I was in year 2 in Bristol and we had our SATS… I was stressing out at the time because I had nooooo idea how to even spell the word beautiful. I asked my bestfriend at the time and her way of helping me learn it stuck like cement. Beckham, Eats, Apples, Under, Tables, IFUL. I remember laughing so hard at the ‘iful’ part at the end… oh how the small things amuse me and how the most ridiculous things stay in my brain… if only necessary stuff nowadays could stick to my memory like that🤣. However, still to this day I cannot spell that word without saying the rhyme btw haha. 

Back to THAT word. 

Yes T H A T word…

Cringeyyyy when you say it too much… like I’m getting cringed out by saying it in my head and typing it so many times… 


Yaaaaas with that google definition. 

Ok let’s start with this…

Pleasing the mind… so technically that’s difference of opinion… Soooooo  that means each individual has an individual take on beautiful… Therefore realistically there is no type of beauty that can be defined to a point, just over lapped with different takes of what people believe defines that word in a way that’s pleasing through beauty itself.


Are you Beautiful? YES, ofcourse. Everyone in their own little, fantastic, fabulous way are beautiful. I think you should remind yourself that every day hehe (I’m gonna get slaughtered for how cheesy this is but it’s true and no matter how many places you read it I hope YOU believe me). EVERYONE needs someone to remind them that they are beautiful every day because we’re in a time where comparing ourselves to others and judging ourselves is a majorrrrrr thing/problem. 

Am I beautiful? ^ like I said above but I wanna say something about this first. 

I have been so self conscious like many other poeple. Looks wise. I never actually felt beautiful. Im always conscious of my stomach,  skin, waist&boobs&bum, acne scars, spots that have come up out of the faking blue and look like Mount Everest NO WORD OF A LIE, bags under my eyes… the list goes on. I’ve never been given a genuine comment like “you actually look beautiful today”HONEST, that word gets thrown around and I’m kinda like shut up you don’t actually mean it, like go away. But that’s not a cry for attention, that’s a look at me I can do this by myself, ain’t nobody got time for haters and unnecessary negativity. I feel that if you’re truly trying to be a beautiful person and have that self confidence beauty can shine through in many different ways. You have to love yourself before you can do anything in life. Sharing your stuggles I believe helps makes you beautiful because to do that you need to put aside that EGO or that PRETEND FACE we all know and come to appreciate as it helps some of us get through the tough times and you need make others feel less alone. Remembering your self worth is key then beauty comes out through that. RANT DONE. K thanks u could probs stop reading there tbh. LOL JOKES PLS CARRY ON XOXOX

Are we beautiful? I believe we all are YES. Just some people take longer to see their beautifulNESS than others. But just keep going and you’ll find it within yourself somewhere… ima still trying to find that special place still hahah but we will get there soon. 

How can someone/something be beautiful? If you create positive energy. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH LOOKS. Soz I just needed to get that into my head ahah. 

Acknowledge the beauty in others and be the change you want to see in the world… you can’t preach without doing it yourself I guess lol. 

Have that motivation and let’s conquer this tough, frustrating, hateful, rewarding, amazing, loving world 🌎 we all live in. 

Let’s do this. 

If you have any better ideas of what beauty is and how we are all BEAUTY’s pls let me know, I would love to read your thoughts bellow 

Btw I don’t know whether you guessed but that was another 5am blog that I wrote because I can’t sleep 🤣 

Love ya all who read my pointless blogs I randomly post

Hope to hear from you all soon. 

Goodnight / Goodbye for now 



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