IMOGENHELEN promoting on Instagram

At this moment in time I am promoting for @littlecrystalscompany which is an online store based on Instagram.

Go check them out and my Instagram posts to see their lovely items! 

Here are a few of them…

This is the “Fi Fi Body chain” a beautiful crystal based choker chain that fits perfectly! 

This is the promotional package I was given 

And here are a couple pictures of the items I was given 

 “Dina Choker”

 “Watch this space dress”
Stay posted for more gorgeous jewellery and outfits to come and if you really like any of them go a head and use my discount code: IMOGENHELEN

With that code you can get money off your orde!!! Who doesn’t like a good discount come on 😏

For modelling enquiries and bookings in Bahrain please contact my agent: Pauline Castro (DM her on Instagram – @castropauline) 

For promotional work, modelling or acting work in England, email me or message me on Instagram 🙂


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