My makeup look for today🌸


Bellow I have named all my “go to” makeup that I have and always use when in a rush or just going for an informal meal or every day when I want to look half presentable haha.

I have used their Instagram names so it is easier for you to look them up on there.

Yes I know I haven’t done my hair yet…


• Foundation: ‘cool rose 20’ unlimited foundation @kikomilano 


• Concealer: £3.00 @primark 2-IN-1 foundation & concealer dewy finish containing vitamin E


• Powder: ‘banana @bennyemakeup Luxury powder 


• Bronzer: ‘FY04’ @ferraruccicosmetics and ‘Betty-Lou Manizer AKA The Bronzing Bandit’ @thebalm_cosmetics 


• Blush: ‘Double Colour Baked Blush’ @kikomilano 


• Eye brows: ‘veluxe brow liner’ @maccosmetics And ‘eyebrow marker no-transfer natural tattoo’ @kikomilano 


• Highlighter: ‘beaming blush’ @maccosmetics And ‘glow kit’ @anastasiabeverlyhills 


• Eye shadow: ‘naked’ @urbandecaycosmetics And ‘nudes’ @lagirlcosmetics 


• Lipstick £3.00 @primark ‘Matte Liquid Lipstick’

I haven’t used mascara today because I have my individual extensions on but if I didn’t have them I would use my @kikomilano ‘Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara’
And that’s it for today ☺️

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