Stop monkeying around!


For many years I have been watching "Monkey Business" & "Monkey Life". I'm not kidding when I was younger it was all I watched. I was so captivated by everything that went on inside and outside of the park.

I have always been so fascinated however, mum and dad were not as into animals as much as I so when I was younger they never took me… even though it was my dream to go haha😂
I guess they never understood the love I had for this show and sanctuary!

Alison left, Jim right

Monkey World was founded by Jim Cronin in 1987 for abused and neglected primates.
Jim Cronin was widely acknowledged as an international expert on rescue and rehabilitation. Jim also worked closely in the enforcement of international treaties aimed at protecting primates from illegal trade and experimentation which due to all of his services to safeguard primates he was awarded an MBE from the Queen in 2006. Sadly Jim passed away in 2007 aged 55.
Alison Cronin, his wife, British tv actor best known from the series studied primates at Cambridge university. Married Jim in 1996 and had a massive input to monkey world and was a main aspect the Monkey Life show. Alison carried on Jim's legacy after he died looking after monkey world sanctuary . A quote I found in an article which Alison said: At that time of Jim's death a lot of people asked me if I would continue. It was a no-brainer, I had all those faces looking back at me, needing our care and that gave me the strength to keep going.
Jeremy Keeling, not only being a close friend to both Jim when he was alive and also Alison, Jeremy was also a colleague being Animal Director at the park. When the Monkey world was starting up Jim insisted his bestfriend Jeremy would help and be a apart of it all. Jeremy now has a book out about him and his close primate friend Amy who he hand reared.

With Monkey World's 30th anniversary looming the day before my 18th Birthday what did my mother surprise me with?

"Oh by the way Imogen, we may be stopping by Monkey world"

As we go on to our next destination of the summer holiday in the UK.
For all I knew I thought she was taking the piss (something my mum would do).
BUT NO! after all these years of watching Monkey world on the telle and seeing the apes and all different types of monkeys grow up in the sanctuary and many Marmoset monkeys being rescued from UK homes and abroad. It was time to actually see the place in real life.


I couldn't believe the weather! So annoying! But hey ho…
The weather definitely did not stop me from making the most out of this afternoon.
I got absolutely soaked!! (I was not prepared lol)

I made sure my family and I went around the WHOLE park and didn't miss a spot!

I got a bit starstrucked at the beginning when I saw at the corner of my eye, the one and only Jeremy Keeling!!!
and after that I saw Amy the Orangutan that he brought up!

(I was not ready for that photo lol)

I then had a great time outside the Orangutan Nursery playing with one of the little ones through the glass wall

We also were lucky enough to be there for that last talk of the day. The talk that we were at was about the capuchin monkeys 🐒 EXTREMELY interesting AND I watched the episode where they rescued the ones the worker was on about 🙈 I got a bit excited when I actually saw them in the flesh instead of on telle hehe

Near the talk was Jim Cronin's memorial, which looked amazing in tribute of such an amazing, hard working man.

Such a pleasure to be able to see in person what he set up.

It was the best experience of my life. I couldn't leave without getting a hoodie with Monkey World on it could I?🐒

By far the best day ever


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