It’s me again 👋

Hey guys, I just thought I would do a blog post as I haven’t done one in a while… Also I’ve just broken up for Christmas holidays! WHOOP! Can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I started my new drama school… CRAZY!

Yes… that photo was taken 8 weeks ago!!!

And here we are now… it’s December and ALMOST Christmas!!! My favourite time of the yearapart from the weather… I miss the heat of summer ngl

I have legit met some of the nicest and most supportive people in the world.

Two girls I take my hat off to thank are Elle & Anna. Dayummm girls haven’t we been through a lot since we met!?!

On another note… It’s been very different moving back to the UK again and starting fresh but I always had to remind myself not everyone is as genuine as I hahaha

When there’s ups there are downs…Weird to think how many fake people are around, feels like it’s 50/50 sometimes. But then why focus on them when there are loads of genuinely nice people out there? They really aren’t worth anyone’s or anything’s time of day. YET they still intrigue me. These humans kinda make me so fascinated in a way that looks like they’re getting a reaction of care out of me but little do they know I’m looking at them as if they’re alien.

Life is difficult enough as it is, there is no point on involving yourself in extra drama when someone fake is the cause. I learnt to just grin and bare it… Sometimes I even ignore their phone calls hahah!Oops bitchy Imogen coming out…but it’s true… Why should anyone drop what they’re doing in their day to talk to someone who isn’t trustworthy or loyal?

Anyways, every day is full of ups and downs and each situation thrown at you is just a learning curve. THINK. LIVE. BE.

  • Think positively
  • Live positively
  • Be positive

when life gets too much… put those shades on and do the imogen dance 💃<3

Forget all your worries and enjoy the Christmas holidays ❤

Much love to you all xoxox

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