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Welcome to my blog! As you can see this page is basically a summary of me…

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Well, erm… I guess we have to start somewhere…

My name is Imogen Helen Szecowka. I am a confident, sociable, fun, independent and well-travelled girl. I have two loving parents Kathryn and Stan also a younger brother who is so supportive, also named Stan. I was born on 08/08/1999 in Yorkshire – my family an I moved to Bristol when I was one. At the age of 7 my dad got a job in the Middle-East, Bahrain where my mum, younger brother and I moved to the far, far and I mean FAR away kingdom along with dad.

Not only was it a cultural change but was a complete lifestyle change (don’t get me wrong mother and I got used to it very quickly haha – safe to say she hasn’t picked up an iron in around 10 years!!!).

I went to a Private British International School in Bahrain from year 4 to year 9. I’m just going to put it bluntly… i had an awful time in school. Hate wouldn’t even be the word to describe that feeling I had towards it. However, the sad matter of this though is I bet most of you would be able to empathize the fact “I felt like no-one understood, I was different, I wanted to fit in, I wanted people to like me” etc. The reason I put them in speech marks is because there comes to a time that you realize was it all worth it? Was the self-hate worth anything? Did the self-hate encourage the bullies more? What good did hating yourself/ blaming yourself do? I understand that all experiences are different but I understand now that we learn from those tests like we learnt from those maths tests at school. I understand now that yes we may always remember those horrid times but use them as stepping stones to where you want to be in the future, what you aspire to be. However, I left the island to go back to England for my GCSE’s because I just couldn’t handle it any more, I was on the very edge. Going to boarding school was the best decision I have ever made – I loved my life at that place even if my mind was rocky at the time.

  • It got me out of the “bubble”.
  • I became more independent – learnt how to stand on my own two feet and not care what people thought and I was taught strategies on how to erase negativity from my mind and life.
  • The support and care from staff and pupils was unreal and I couldn’t thank them enough.
  • The school became a home to me.

I do visit Bahrain often to see my family. While I am home I do a lot of modeling for Arabian fashion, Makeup, Hairstyles and Bridal dresses. I have also done some TV commercials in the Middle East. This has then increased my followings from people around the world on Instagram.

(Don’t forget to check that page out @IMOGENHELEN)

I decided I didn’t want to do my A Levels so I journeyed on to what I wanted to do with my life, the main thing that got me through the hard times. The fact was I wanted to be an actress. I auditioned for Performing Arts School at the age of 15 and started my first year as the youngest in the training course having just turned 16. This was the biggest achievement I had ever made and I trained there for two years.

I am currently seeing what life has to offer me working, travelling and writing…

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