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 “Dina Choker”

 “Watch this space dress”
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A positive mind = A positive life 

For some reason I can easily give others advice but then when it comes to myself I’m  stuck on this continuous cycle that I’m sick of being on. The cycle was basically knowing what I should be thinking but thinking the complete opposite.

I’ve always been told, be more positive… I am positive trust me… But for a long time I believed that there’s a certain level of positivity one teen (like myself) could have. Having so many knock backs that hammer down your self confidence is tiring enough and then having to be positive at the same time honestly was a lot. 

I was so easily stressed and negative thoughts came to me easier than breathing. I didn’t want to trouble anyone with “pointless feelings”.  The only way I can describe how I felt was “Tired”. I was over everything and constantly tired of life in general. This may seem selfish to people but there were times when I really didn’t care anymore. I was just done, I felt alone and tired of trying so god damn hard. However, this quote from Finding Dory helped me a lot to conquer the negative things I was told and the negative things I felt and thought. I know it may seem crazy as it’s just an animated film… In all honesty though, I just thought why do I have to feel like I need to give up? Why do I have to feel like I’m not good enough? And if others can fight through what life throws at them and they can keep going then why can’t I?

 I could not relate to this more. The barriers we put up stop us from having a life we all deserve. 
I went to an audition earlier this week that I’m still awaiting a reply from (so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me haha). In all fairness though, I don’t mind the outcome of this, whether it is a “yes or no”! Either way I’m happy I did it. I’m happy I pushed myself forward to something I know I want to do. Im happy I put all my past situations out the window for this one thing to see what my future may hold. I’m happy I went out of my comfort zone. I’m happy that I thought positively and did my thing. This was a massive hurdle I overcame with regards to my self confidence and knowing my ability within my craft. Honestly, afterwards it made me so relieved I actually slept as soon as I got back to the hotel until the morning because I was finally over the moon I did something that made me happy for myself. I proved to myself I can do anything when you put your mind to it. (Regardless let’s just hope it’s a yes haha! Touch as much wood as possible and shout to as many stars for me)

Why is positivity so important? Because those who are positive feel more content with their lives. A positive attitude honestly brings you so far in this short life we’re living in. I learnt the process is actually a domino effect in terms of our overall health and that it is so beneficial because it eliminates any stress and unnecessary dramas. 

I’m happy with where I am at this moment in time. I’m happy with just being me and I’m so thankful to all the love and support I have been given. It’s been tough and have had a lot of wobbles along the way but I can finally say I’m happy and I can do this. 

And a massive F OFF to the fake people who really couldn’t care less and pretended they did 🙂  Soz I had to post a picture of my new sleeping eye mask cos I absolutely love it hehe. 

Anyways why pretend? I would rather you just tell me straight… but anyways to those people who pretended they cared when they really didn’t… My darlings, I never asked for your support but you learn who your real friends are when you need them most. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson on how to spot people like you. I’m happy you’re all out of my life or gradually leaving my life at this very moment.



A POSTIVE MIND = A POSITIVE LIFE and that is what I shall achieve.

BTW don’t ever judge someone by their social media or how they come across on your first meeting because you never ever know what’s going on behind closed doors. Smile and be nice to everyone because everyone has their own little stories. Think positively because you never know what opportunities lay around the corner waiting for you. 

Remember you are you and don’t let anyone change a thing about you and don’t ever think about things you’ve done in the past because regret is pointless. Those “things” that happened make us stronger. You only know how strong you are until being strong is all you can be and that is when you know you can do anything. Don’t let anyone stop you reaching for your goals.

Life is full of surprises and I can’t wait for the next thing it throws at me… 

bring it on! Super excited for my next step in my positive atmosphere and life and for those who will be joining me on this journey. 



Can someone explain to me what beautiful actually is… in your opinion. Please let me know in the comments below.

I’m in a bit of a predicament here. Being a model for ‘beauty’ with a face full of makeup. Living the life as if my ‘social media life’ is real. Pretending everything is all jolly and absolutely perfect.

Nah, my life is like any other regular teenage expat girl living in the Middle East. Yes, you get parts of the ‘high life’ going to events, salons all the time, photo shoots and 5 star hotels . BUT also then parts of a ‘regular teenage girl’ trying to earn her money so she can drink at the local rugby club with her friends haha or even buy a new lipstick or just save so I can actually afford to live in London so I can do what I ACTUALLY want to do in life … Acting, being an actress. (A movie would be great… one day I hope🤞)

But I seem to keep rolling back to the same point. What even is being BEAUTIFUL?!?!

I remember when I was in year 2 in Bristol and we had our SATS… I was stressing out at the time because I had nooooo idea how to even spell the word beautiful. I asked my bestfriend at the time and her way of helping me learn it stuck like cement. Beckham, Eats, Apples, Under, Tables, IFUL. I remember laughing so hard at the ‘iful’ part at the end… oh how the small things amuse me and how the most ridiculous things stay in my brain… if only necessary stuff nowadays could stick to my memory like that🤣. However, still to this day I cannot spell that word without saying the rhyme btw haha. 

Back to THAT word. 

Yes T H A T word…

Cringeyyyy when you say it too much… like I’m getting cringed out by saying it in my head and typing it so many times… 


Yaaaaas with that google definition. 

Ok let’s start with this…

Pleasing the mind… so technically that’s difference of opinion… Soooooo  that means each individual has an individual take on beautiful… Therefore realistically there is no type of beauty that can be defined to a point, just over lapped with different takes of what people believe defines that word in a way that’s pleasing through beauty itself.


Are you Beautiful? YES, ofcourse. Everyone in their own little, fantastic, fabulous way are beautiful. I think you should remind yourself that every day hehe (I’m gonna get slaughtered for how cheesy this is but it’s true and no matter how many places you read it I hope YOU believe me). EVERYONE needs someone to remind them that they are beautiful every day because we’re in a time where comparing ourselves to others and judging ourselves is a majorrrrrr thing/problem. 

Am I beautiful? ^ like I said above but I wanna say something about this first. 

I have been so self conscious like many other poeple. Looks wise. I never actually felt beautiful. Im always conscious of my stomach,  skin, waist&boobs&bum, acne scars, spots that have come up out of the faking blue and look like Mount Everest NO WORD OF A LIE, bags under my eyes… the list goes on. I’ve never been given a genuine comment like “you actually look beautiful today”HONEST, that word gets thrown around and I’m kinda like shut up you don’t actually mean it, like go away. But that’s not a cry for attention, that’s a look at me I can do this by myself, ain’t nobody got time for haters and unnecessary negativity. I feel that if you’re truly trying to be a beautiful person and have that self confidence beauty can shine through in many different ways. You have to love yourself before you can do anything in life. Sharing your stuggles I believe helps makes you beautiful because to do that you need to put aside that EGO or that PRETEND FACE we all know and come to appreciate as it helps some of us get through the tough times and you need make others feel less alone. Remembering your self worth is key then beauty comes out through that. RANT DONE. K thanks u could probs stop reading there tbh. LOL JOKES PLS CARRY ON XOXOX

Are we beautiful? I believe we all are YES. Just some people take longer to see their beautifulNESS than others. But just keep going and you’ll find it within yourself somewhere… ima still trying to find that special place still hahah but we will get there soon. 

How can someone/something be beautiful? If you create positive energy. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH LOOKS. Soz I just needed to get that into my head ahah. 

Acknowledge the beauty in others and be the change you want to see in the world… you can’t preach without doing it yourself I guess lol. 

Have that motivation and let’s conquer this tough, frustrating, hateful, rewarding, amazing, loving world 🌎 we all live in. 

Let’s do this. 

If you have any better ideas of what beauty is and how we are all BEAUTY’s pls let me know, I would love to read your thoughts bellow 

Btw I don’t know whether you guessed but that was another 5am blog that I wrote because I can’t sleep 🤣 

Love ya all who read my pointless blogs I randomly post

Hope to hear from you all soon. 

Goodnight / Goodbye for now 



Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy makeup

I love makeup. Why? I just do, I enjoy the process of doing it and the different type of products you can choose from. To be honest my love has developed gradually throughout the years. Right now I’d say would be my peak year… I love experimenting with new colours, shades and types of makeup that I would never ‘normally’ use.


I feel that both males and females have this extreme pressure to reach beyond this standard of ‘beauty’. I completely understand that  there is a large amount of people who really couldn’t give a crap but I know, from personal experience, there is a lot of people that take pride in  their appearance when it comes to putting on this substance and I know a lot of people spend a huge amount of money on makeup on a regular basis. Even myself, I always buy new foundations as much as possible (because my face changes OK!! it’s not an excuse to fulfill my obsession I swear!)


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.16.21 PM

“In 1952, Queen Elizabeth commissioned her own lipstick shade to match her coronation robed called “The Balmoral Lipstick”. The shade was named after her Scottish country home, and it was probably badass.”


Why is makeup such a big deal nowadays? I mean lets be honest, for a long time I didn’t want to leave the house without putting a bit of makeup on. Sometimes I feel completely naked if I haven’t done my brows. If I had to describe confidence as an object i’d totally say it’s bright lipstick.


quote-make-up-can-only-make-you-look-pretty-on-the-outside-but-it-doesn-t-help-if-your-ugly-audrey-hepburn-44-3-0397.jpgI don’t get when people wear makeup to impress people. It’s for highlighting, not hiding!! Yes, first impressions are a big thing but like good ol’ Audrey Hepburn says, it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside unless you eat it… I wouldn’t advice that though! When wearing makeup, still be true to yourself, I see so many people with this hidden cockiness that emerges when they put a tad of bloody highlighter on… calm down, it’s only highlighter it ain’t gonna highlight your entire boring life sweetheart 🙂 xoxo
ANYWAYS, I also see those shy people who put a little bit of makeup on and they shine so bright their presence fills the room and I love it. All I wished was they had that same self belief without it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.07.58 PM

An aspect of my job is to model makeup products that professional makeup artists use and how they are put on my face to get them clients… As much as I enjoy the pampering I always have to meet others expectations and for a long time I found it quite a struggle as a young teen trying to impress everyone. Having been told occasionally “you look completely different to your photos” “you look too young” “are you feeling tired? because you look it” etc. etc. when you turn up to shoots bare faced can be mentally challenging to say the least. One thing I know is that it has 100% made me have a thicker skin and capable of handling any criticism with ease, in some respects it has actually given me more confidence… I understand it more now, like it’s part of a package, when you model for amazing makeup artists who completely transform your face, makes you feel like you’re living the high life to be honest haha it’s great! but when you try to do your own makeup you’re literally by the mirror trying to remember exactly what they did to you but ends up going to pot haha.  I wonder if celebrities feel like that sometimes, having to always show the glam side to them otherwise they get scrutinised like a student in the playground doing something out the norm.

Doing makeup is an art…What people need to remember is that it is only fashion! Not only that but it’s bloody hard to ‘get it right’. So to all those that can and look fab I give you a lot of credit because it takes someone with skill, and patience to use makeup.











The 4am thoughts on a Saturday night…

“The river is a metaphor for life in general… All the bullshit you deal with from being a kid growing up. The whole things just about life and death.” – Zakk Wylde 

Sorry I saw that on Instagram and had to copy it to a blog post… soooo I did hehe.

Just felt like I should post a selfie on here from the other day (: 


There’s been a lot going on with me lately… and the only way I could describe it at the moment would be that “things” were going on. These “things” have made me really question everything around me. It’s made me think more deeply but I haven’t reached an answer for everything yet… I probably never will find an answer but I’m honestly okay with that at this moment in time.
I’m no writer I know (trust me I get critiqued all the time). Neither am I the best blogger or instagrammer in the world. But I created this blog so I could just get all this random crap out my head at like 4am (which is the time now) and be free in my soul so I can rest. I made my Instagram because why not? Majority of people nowadays has it (not much of an excuse I know ahaha). That aside, I came to the conclusion that the only way I could move forward is to feel it. Just feel that feeling that you don’t want to feel. And that’s how to be free. For so long I just didn’t deal with anything and I put the “things” to the back of my head and tried to move forward.

(Me as I am writing this blog) Cannot believe is 4am what am I doing?!? SLEEP IMOGEN.


I guess a lot of things in life is a matter of opinion and self evaluation just like a metaphor. Why do I think this? Because technically we all see “life” in different ways and therefore we each have our own “common sense”.

Someone came up to me the other day and was like “I wish common sense was more common” – it made me laugh because let’s be honest here I’m sure a lot of you have thought that at some point… But really, I read a quote later on which would have been such a sick reply to that persons comment about someone!

“A sense of humour is just common sense dancing”

Absolutely love that quote, I mean come on… what’s the point on judging someone when you take everything so seriously. Some people just need to lighten up when they have no reason to dim other people’s vibes. 

^^^^^ so true. 

But yeah… I’m actually kinda tired now… so goodnight all 🙂 

How to influence people in the Middle East.

It’s a strange thing being brought up surrounded by different cultures compared to those I’ve met who have never actual ventured abroad… Long story short the reason I wrote this was because my agent asked me to haha and I ended up finding it really interesting when I was researching and asking questions… btw I understand it maybe quite rambleyyyy but here ya goo…

‘How has the advertising world essentially changed due to modernization’ is one question most people in the marketing industry try to wrap their heads around to keep their businesses going. Before I started writing this I asked myself what is the difference between traditional and digital? It never really came to my attention before as I am in the generation of which digital has taken over our lives compared to our parents and grandparents or family who have never experienced what we are experiencing today as young adults. As we are all aware technology in the Middle East is developing quickly because of the age of the population. Take Saudi Arabia, for example, a country that is passing through a unique demographic period. Approximately 37 per cent of the population is below the age of 14. Those under the age of 25 accounts for around 51 per cent. Universally 16-24 year olds spend on average 7.5 hours a day online. (These results are from PayFort’s Inographic on Global webIndex’s media consumption report.)

The marketing and advertising industry in the Middle East has started to flourish after a century-long infancy. Why is this? This may be due to more people being interested in photography and uploading everything about their lives online so that is how I think the region’s advertising has shifted from traditional to digital… modernization. Social media recently reaches a far greater audience than it ever did before and has print advertising in decline. Social media influencers are in great demand from companies wanting them to promote their services and products.


Yet, traditional advertising is traditionally what the majority of us expect when talking about marketing and advertising. This incorporates the ‘normal’ media position such as newspapers/magazines, radio, TV adverts and outdoor billboards. With traditional advertising the material can be kept in hand (which I know because my newspaper editor father has loads of papers hidden away as if my mother didn’t know) and also it is sometimes much more easily understood. Print media continues to influence audiences but the most successful nowadays incorporate social media elements as part of the package to reach the younger, tech-savvy generation. However, print or radio advertisements can be very costly and results on this marketing cannot be measured accurately and time efficiently, some critics suggest. Let’s face it… it is 2017 right now and many businesses have to think who their exact targets are and what they use and work out the best way to grow in a cost effective manner. Even though there are some dinosaurs looking at traditional advertising alone it is clear that to many the ‘tradition’ is changing.


Having grown up in a media-savvy family, in my opinion it is apparent that there is a growing change for advertising in the Middle East from traditional to digital… One example is the growing popularity of my father’s YouTube channel reviews, which compliment the written word and attract advertising from five star hotels as a result, whereas other publications are losing business.


Less people are advertising in the newspapers and more use their own websites, social media accounts and, as mentioned earlier, social media influencers. My own Instagram account has grown in popularity and attracted the attention of numerous brands. Influencers who have a busy social media get paid to post product information and offer their followers discount codes and links to prove how successful this method of advertising and brand promotion can be. This brings us onto digital advertising alone. Fundamentally this means marketing is digitally displayed via the web, smart phones, hand-held media devices and also automobiles/electronic billboards. Many clients in the Middle East have embraced digital and found it to be a cost effective way to not only reach local markets but also international ones like never before. The challenge is to make the content interesting and useful. This is because the audience can be fickle and demanding and the content has to be user friendly taking into account the various ways outlined on accessing the information. If you can get it right the benefits are enormous as for the first time, brands can truly interact with their customers and potential clients. Data and results are effortlessly recorded and practically always correct therefore businesses can see real time results, which is highly beneficial. One challenge is practical: that they could be funding for online advertisements that consumers don’t see, either because they are shown to robots, or hidden in obscure slots. Follow up studies and checking is vital.


As respect is of very high value in the Middle East and people are only just accepting a ‘Western way of life’ cultural differences must be added to the equation. Advertising and marketing occasionally hit brick walls in the Middle East. Journalists and news organisations require being conscious of ongoing privacy considerations, as governments and regulators in the Middle East continue to posses an apprehensive relationship with digital technologies and we must all respect those choices. Companies that gloss over the inter-play between culture and religion ignore a critical factor for success in the Middle East. The Arab market, however, is definitely not totally disconnected from the rest of the world. Consumers here have the same demands as people everywhere, and despite the commotion the region’s markets are developing, internationally entwined and passionately competitive. The potential growth in the Middle Eastern advertising and marketing arena is phenomenal.

There are many businesses pushing boundaries with brands representing fashion houses, for example, and how people are advertising their businesses.


As a European model in the Gulf region I have seen changes in the industry in recent years and it has been incredible to be a part of the new media growth. Having grown up in the Gulf and with 10 years of living in Bahrain, I have been fortunate to make friends from all nationalities and faiths. We are all part of a modern Middle East and should embrace an exciting digital future.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.- Theodore Roosevelt

Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. What is life without living? We don’t just live for the sake of living, we all want or wanted something. Self worth is how you show up in this world, knowing your value, what you accept yourself to be. You should learn to know what good you can do for others and most importantly yourself. Everyone has problems, everyone has situations they wished they weren’t in. When you do good for others, good comes back to you. However, this world isn’t very fair, this world doesn’t show sympathy but we live because we have something inside us that makes us fight for what we want. I don’t believe knowledge of life completely relies on age, but what you do in the time that you have. The opinion you have on yourself shows through no matter what we do, emotions define us as humans. With knowing your self worth you can change everything.

I have a friend, who stuck by me through my ups and downs in my early childhood, never judged, never said a word but just listened. I had a really interesting conversation earlier this week with that friend which of whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It makes me laugh because every time I see him we have the same conversation repeated over and over and over again for the past four years but each time he teaches me an important lesson – whether he knew it or not. He can’t understand why I’m not religious, he says to me “just believe in the sake of believing” but it’s not the fact I don’t believe, it’s the fact I find all religions so interesting and close to my heart I could never just follow one. Each have there similarities and differences and I like to understand in depth all of them and see what good it puts on peoples lives. I believe to live a good life you change or adapt your current one to a life of worth, dignity, love, respect and success. The saying my friend always says is “my mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”- Forrest Gump. I always wondered what he was on every time he spoke to me and thought it was absolute rubbish but now I understand. He showed me that only you are responsible for your strength, self-confidence and self-worth and only you can change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors because that is what living is.


This guy is a religious Muslim, who I grew up with since I was seven years old.  He along with his brother and friends used to come to my compound pool and just talk about random things that come to their mind. Recent situations that have happened and have a nice chilled time. What  makes him and I such good friends is that we challenge both our understandings, culture, beliefs and purpose yet still have a laugh at the end. From listening and learning from each other and adding it all up I have learnt to get what you want because you deserve it! We are both respectful and interested in each others beliefs and not once judged but only asked questions. I think, being brought up in a Middle-Eastern country and growing up in a multi-cultural society I am more open minded than many. I understand more, I get it… I get very protective even if it is not my own belief.


If you’re not happy with how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself, you need to start by focusing on change and healing. Negativity comes from experiences that has happened to you in the past which prevents future happiness. To eliminate negativity you need to start fixing old wounds that you hate to talk about, hate to go over. By doing this, you will be able to move forward fully. Don’t just put the issues to the back of your head, out the way – break it down piece by piece and put it together like a puzzle. For many years I didn’t know how to get out of the bubble that I created, but a massive factor that helped me get rid of the negativity that took over my life was to be in balance with health and nutrition. Nutrition is the main factor of your emotions. Without the correct foods in your diet you will not and cannot get yourself on the road to ‘recovery’ and having the best life you are capable of having. Health is not just about your body but also about your state of mind, look after yourself from within, do things you love and enjoy. Be careful who you share your space with, who you allow into your life. Make sure you place boundaries, don’t let anyone walk over you. Just love, laugh and live and be strong.



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